announces the addition of “Insight Themes” to its Revenue Intelligence Platform

A powerful revenue data collection platform that powers business operations is pleased to announce the introduction of themes as part of their sales data collection platform. This powerful and robust platform empowers B2B sales teams to make data-driven revenue decisions. The Revenue Intelligence Platform is part of the renowned Alchemist Accelerator, the world’s best mentoring and investor network for companies; and is backed by top VCs and corporate companies. Leading companies like Adecco, BigPanda, ClickDimensions, LightBox, Avatier, Wicresoft, MongoDB, JD Power and others are currently using the platform.

The platform automates the capture of sales activity and enhances sales analytics and business insights. The platform is flexible and compatible with existing business tools such as Domo, Tableau, Google Data Studio, Einstein and Power BI. The product is based on the industry’s most comprehensive automated activity capture, which automatically logs data such as sales rep emails and calendar activities in CRM systems such as Salesforce, Dynamics and Netsuite. without the intervention of a sales representative. Data is stored in a unique, granular manner that is ideal for analysis, reference, and reporting. Managers, team leaders and department heads can also leverage the accurate AI/ML powered data to automate workflows and process developers.

B2B sales teams using can collect historical data and trends for up to 24 months. The fully customizable platform comes with custom data elements that can be modified according to the client’s individual needs and data analysis requirements. “Thanks to SalesDirector, we have data we can trust to make decisions. Their activity tracking and data feeds made it easy for us to visualize our sales data and sales insights in and within Domo,” says a VP of revenue operations at a high-growth software company.

That Platform provides solutions for B2B sales teams, marketing departments, customer success and CRM data entry. With automated sales intelligence, executives can have a complete view of how their sales team is interacting with their customers. The AI ​​is designed to identify each sales rep’s challenges and make suggestions to improve their performance and customer engagement. It provides actionable information about important tasks such as alerts before expected completion date, alerts on required activities, and alerts on ignored relationships.

For the marketing departments, the CampaignHub product connects the marketing campaigns, leads, contacts and measures the effectiveness of the campaigns in real time. Users can now power all of their sales, marketing, revenue, and financial dashboards using the Revenue API. While the sales manager can create custom dashboards, the marketing team can benefit from the account based marketing campaigns. The platform also helps visualize account health, identify at-risk accounts, discover potential growth, and sell the opportunities presented. Companies can give their department heads the visibility they need without the representative being involved. Pricing here starts at just $29 per month for activity capture and additional platform fees for Revenue Insights and Revenue API respectively.

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Via is a revenue intelligence sales platform designed to connect people, activity and engagement throughout the buying journey. The tool captures sales, marketing, and customer success activities and helps companies make data-driven revenue decisions.




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