ESI Heating & Cooling Santa Clara now offers rodent protection in Campbell, Cupertino and Santa Clara

Providing non-toxic solutions to get rid of rodents in an environmentally friendly way

ESI Heating & Cooling Santa Clara is pleased to announce that they now offer rodent security in Campbell, Cupertino, Santa Clara and other locations. The company takes the necessary precautions to prevent the property from being infested by rodents and uses state-of-the-art mesh filters to shield the affected areas. Rodent Protection for Santa Clara Services are provided for apartments and offices. Rats and mice are not only a nuisance, they can also cause property damage and transmit life-threatening diseases. The most common precaution people take is setting poison traps. While these traps can kill the mice, these are not permanent solutions. It is important to eliminate elements that attract rodents and seal all possible entrances.

ESI – Rodent Protection

Cupertino rodent protection services begin by assessing the attractive elements, with access to food and water being the most common. There are common places rodents find their food: unsealed food, pet food, water left open, access to fruit and vegetables, and open garbage cans. Homeowners need to deal with these issues first. Common entry points are holes near closets, doors, sinks, appliance pipes, cracked foundations, and crawl spaces. A home is fully inspected as part of the Santa Clara Rodent Conservation Services and this helps them block entry points and the real elimination process begins.

As part of the Campbell rodent protection Services, the team also looks for signs that could damage the newly insulated insulation. It takes years of experience to understand rodent and pest behavior. ESI has been in the HVAC industry for years and has faced many challenges due to these pests. This is one of the main reasons they started Santa Clara’s rodent testing and control services. The team works on isolation, decontamination and prevention. These three steps prevent rodents from entering the rooms and prevent a possible infestation.

Apart from Cupertino rodent protection, the company also offers attic cleaning services, crawl space cleaning services and rodent cleaning. Lofts are the most ignored spaces due to less human traffic. And this is a perfect hiding place for rodents. Attics and attics can also develop mold and mildew problems due to inadequate cleaning. The same applies to crawl spaces. Since these spaces are difficult to access, only professional cleaners and their specialized equipment help to clean the crawl space. All of these services are designed to keep the insulation intact and avoid expensive repairs and replacements in the future. ESI Heating & Cooling Santa Clara has several years of pest control experience. Contact the team to learn more and get a quote.

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