Chicago physical therapist Dr. Lauren Schnidman Announces FREE Guides to Treating Sports and Performance Pain

In Motion Physical Therapy’s certified sports therapist, Dr. Lauren Schnidman, announces the release of her free eBooks on Running Injuries and How to Play Tennis Pain Free.

Leading physical therapy clinic owner and one of the finest holistic physical therapy professionals, Dr. Lauren Schnidman, announces the release of two very important eBooks. Play One eBook Addresses”Pain Free Tennis‘ while the other eBook discusses Prevention of knee pain for runners. Both eBooks were created by the certified physiotherapist herself and are based on years of experience in helping athletes with their injuries. Most runners, professional and even part-time runners, will find this knowledge how to avoid running injuries can save them a lot of suffering in the future. The same applies to playing tennis safely.

Physiotherapy in motion

The eBooks are available free of charge, according to the therapist, to give back to the community. dr Lauren Schnidman said both eBooks provide excellent information that is helpful to people no matter who they are. Many of the techniques discussed in the books can be applied to other aspects of life to prevent injury.

Many sports injuries such as tennis elbow, knee pain, lower back pain or shin splints can be avoided. While sports injuries are becoming more common, mainly due to incorrect movement technique, much of what athletes suffer can be prevented. Although injuries can occur depending on the type of sport, there are many steps that can be taken to prevent them. Experts believe that while there is no such thing as a 100% safe sport, athletes can take steps to reduce the incidence of injury, and both of Dr.

Readers interested in downloading both eBooks or learning more about In Motion Physiotherapy can visit the clinic’s official website at

dr  Lauren Schnidman said both eBooks provide excellent information that is helpful to people no matter who they are.

“Over the years I’ve worked with so many athletes, from soccer players to tennis players to runners. Many of the injuries I have helped treat were common. Yes, there have been many recurring injuries, many of which could have been prevented with the right approach. That’s why I decided to put these eBooks together. Both eBooks I believe will help tennis players and runners in particular avoid most of the injuries and aches they complain about. If anything, it can also help prolong the careers of many players. Even recreational players who enjoy the game can play longer.” said dr Lauren Schnidman of In Motion Physical Therapy.

she added “I strongly recommend that everyone download the eBooks. Both books are free and you can benefit greatly from them. However, if you are in pain or have a physical issue that requires attention, please contact In Motion Physical Therapy. We’re here to help.”

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Physiotherapy in motion

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