Better House Buyers announces its 100th investment property purchase

The company has grown rapidly by buying distressed properties in Atlanta, Georgia at bargain prices and then renovating them for rental income.

Better home buyers has been in business for over 7 years and has had great success with its business model of buying, renovating and renting real estate. Better House Buyers are able to buy run down or neglected properties very cheaply which they can then repair for above average rents. “We’re looking for people who need a helping hand,” said Ken Reed, President of Better House Buyers.

Better home buyers, a Smyrna Georgia based company, just announced that they have purchased their 100th investment property. The company is thrilled to have reached this milestone so quickly and believes it demonstrates the success of its business model. “We were able to take advantage of the low interest rates to fund our projects,” says Ken Reed, who also owns Better House Buyers.

Better home buyers

The company has been profiled by media such as Yahoo, MarketWatch, AP News and many others. Better House Buyers has an A+ rated BBB store and an accredited 5-star business on Yelp and Google. Better House Buyers is able to maintain its A+ BBB rating due to its strict policies governing its operations. “We’ve always been honest and transparent with customers,” says Ken Reed, who goes on to say, “We’ll never do business any other way.”

The company has grown rapidly Buying distressed real estate in Atlanta, Georgia at bargain prices, only to repair them before renting them out to tenants at rents well above average. The company was featured in a recent Yahoo article in which a woman said she was paying outrageous rent, but after seeing her neighbor’s house that Better House Buyers had renovated, she was able to raise her rent and save Shorten the time that she had lived in a run-down apartment.

Ken Reed explained, “We have a great business model and a lot of fun buying homes for people who really need a helping hand,” he explains. “The growth potential is enormous and we are glad that we have already started with 100 houses!”

Better home buyers looks forward to acquiring many more properties in the years to come. This is an exciting time for this company as it continues to grow exponentially. They look forward to expanding their dynamic portfolio, allowing them to acquire even more properties than before. “We’re just getting started,” says Ken Reed, president of Better House Buyers.

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