AMMC’s new post offers insights into the benefits of light therapy for chronic pain

dr AMMC’s Patricia Delzell discusses the many benefits associated with using light therapy for chronic pain. dr Delzell has used light therapy to help dozens of chronic pain sufferers.

Red light therapy, or RLT as it’s known, helps heal skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of the body while relieving chronic pain. according to dr According to Delzell’s latest blog post, the way this works is by exposing the body to “low infrared light.” The light itself is not visible to the naked eye, but you can feel the warmth it radiates. That is why it is often referred to as low-level laser therapy, photobiomodulation and low-power laser therapy. The therapy helps increase blood flow and healing, which eventually eliminates the pain.

One of Benefits of light therapy is its ability to target the source of pain. LEDs or lasers used for this type of therapy are powerful and non-invasive. The light frequency is adjustable and can be adapted to different body regions. Treatment can be more effective if multiple points along the nerve pathway are treated. Studies have also shown that light therapy reduces temporomandibular joint pain and works wonders for those suffering from back pain.

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There are many other benefits of using light therapy to treat pain. The infrared (IR) light, for example, has been shown to trigger the release of nitric oxide, the body’s natural vasodilator. The increased oxygen availability for the treated tissue leads to less pain. Similarly, the presence of nitric oxide in the body improves the ability of immune cells to access affected tissues. These benefits lead to a reduction in pain.

It has long been known that red light therapy (RLT) can help in healing certain parts of the body such as skin, muscles and other parts. The therapy works primarily by exposing the affected body parts to very weak near-infrared light. While the naked eye cannot see the light itself, the body feels the warmth of the light. IR light treatment is called low-level laser therapy or photobiomodulation. The deeper the light can penetrate and the more focused it is, the more energy and blood flow it can effect, generating most of the heat in the affected body part that is needed to promote healing at the site.

Even though the application of the red/IR light therapy may seem quite simple, it still requires a professional. A nurse or doctor needs to operate and understand how the treatment works to get the best results. However, normal people can use more general light therapies such as saunas, light blankets, and lamps.

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“Perhaps the most significant advantage of IR light laser therapy, apart from proven pain relief, is that there are no side effects associated with its use. I have been using light therapy successfully for chronic pain for several years and can attest that when used properly it can be life changing. The first step, however, is to have your pain diagnosed. It is important that we understand what is causing pain and that will then tell us if light therapy is effective in this case.” Said one of the doctors who worked at AMMC.

she added “We use the best light therapy equipment that allows us to target specific areas, allowing the light to penetrate deep into the soft tissue, resulting in lasting pain relief for our patients in some cases.”

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